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Top 5 #Brighton Comedians to see at the Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Brighton is a comedy hub, the UK’s biggest after London. Zoe Lyons, Seann Walsh, Romesh Ranganathan and Max Miller all earned their chops in this seaside town. None of them will be appearing at this year’s Edfringe (to be fair, Max Miller passed on to the great Fringe in the sky in 1963) so it’s time to hail the fresh new talent who will be gracing your TV screens in the near future.

Top 5 Brighton Stand-ups to see at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe:

Phil Jerrod: Submerged
Fresh from supporting Romesh Ranganathan on his nationwide tour, the ‘cynical, astute and impassioned’ ( comedian returns with his third debut show at the Fringe.
Pleasance Courtyard, 8.30pm

Angela Barnes: Fortitude
Stand-up and stories from a reluctant 40 year old with some stuff to say. ‘Feels like a sure-fire bet the instant she utters her opening lines’ (Scotsman). ‘She’s just a gloriously down-to-earth, straight talking and extremely funny comic’ (Guardian).
Pleasance Courtyard, 7.15pm

Anthony Ayton: Belonging
At 6’5, Anthony is probably the tallest black comedian in Edinburgh to have a law degree. His debut show is about class and belonging, with proceeds going to three local charities including one that works with child refugees. ‘Clever, a bit cheeky and bloody funny’ (Angela Barnes).
Sweet Holyrood, Macdonald Hotel, Holyrood Rd, 10pm

Louise Reay: Hard Mode
An immersive comedy show where the audience experiences life in an authoritarian regime. Yay! Based on a dialogue with Ai Weiwei and featuring a team of masked police, this provocative show explores censorship and surveillance.
The Stand 3 & 4, 5.55pm

Sean McLoughlin: You Can’t Ignore Me Forever
Always a powerhouse at the Fringe – it was a firm favourite last year.
Come witness the astonishing resurrection of ‘the best comedian you haven’t heard of yet (Time Out). ‘One brilliant punchline after another… staggeringly high success rate’ **** (List). Support act for Ricky Gervais for his 2017 Humanity tour.
Laughing Horse @ City Cafe, 6.45pm

Also funny and highly recommended:

The HOT ticket, one night only, 15th: The Wrestling

Sweary, possibly musical comedy with the man from Uncle: Nick Helm: Masterworks in Progress – from the 14th’17%22

Children’s: Jo Neary & Jody Kamali: Topsy Turvy Hotel

Theatre: Bone Wars by Keiron Nicholson and Nicholas Cooke

Clowning and general awesomeness: Spencer Jones: The Audition

Top Picks for Edfringe 2015!

IMG_1687Hello Edinburgh! How’s the weather? Been to the Mosque Kitchen yet? Tried the 10 to 10 in Delhi round the corner? Great food too and lovely warm chai! I’m not in Edinburgh. I’m not even sure if I can make it this year. I have my son’s A Level results to contend with and an 18th birthday party to organise (like Edinburgh, all I have is a venue – my Mum’s – and an overwhelming sense of panic).

IMG_1680I meant to do a top 10 comedy picks weeks ago, but here we are, Preview Day, and some of the shows have already kicked off! So, if I were in Edinburgh this is who I absolutely definitely would attempt to see (in time order):

Phil Jerrod: Neanderthal – what seems like stream-of-consciousness comedy is tightly written, highly original, utterly brilliant. Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33), 19.00

Sam Savage: Looking Out for Linda – award-winning comedian who found a new voice in a wig. Hilarious and warm-hearted. Southsider (Venue 148), 19.00

Joanna Neary: Faceful of Issues – just hysterical. Possibly our best character comedian at the top of her game. Here, she’s Celia. Assembly Rooms (Venue 20), 19.45

Sean McLoughlin: Whatever it Takes – powerful, pure stand-up. Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33), 20.15

Bobby Mair: Filthy Immigrant – dark. Kills me. Heroes @ the Hive (Venue 313), 20.50

Spencer Jones Presents: The Herbert in a Proper Job –  a word-of-mouth recommendation at Edinburgh 2014, who I saw, love-love-loved, laughed at, cried at, and booked immediately. Twice. Heroes @ the Hive (Venue 313), 21.00

Mark Simmons: Laugh Yourself Thin – brilliant one-liner merchant. Leicester Comedian of the Year runner-up. Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33), 21.15IMG_1686

So that’s seven great comedy shows that you could do over 3 days. None of them are on the telly in their own right yet, but I’m pretty sure they will be very soon.

Later in the Fringe (from the 21st), a comedy game show that’s highly recommended – and at lunch-time too – is The Humble Quest for Universal Genius – Assembly George Square (Venue 3), 14.00. The excellent Matthew Crosby from Pappy’s is hosting, and comedians confirmed include Josh Widdicombe, Al Murray, Chris Ramsay, Angela Barnes, Alex Horne, Joe Lycett and Carl Donnelly! It’ll be a corker.

Preview word-of-mouth recommendations are George Egg, Mark Steel and Pat Cahill.

And lastly, where would we be without Katherine Ryan, Jerry Sadowitz, Robin Ince (13th), Nick Helm (2 one-off shows – apparently!), Bridget Christie, Jo Brand, Stewart Lee, Tina C (some of the tightest jokes I’ve ever heard), Ivo Graham, Carl Donnolly, Angela Barnes, Nish Kumar, Aidan Goatley, Joel Dommett, Suzy Bennett, the aforementioned Matthew Crosby, Miss Behave,  James Acaster, Mick Ferry, Stephen Carlin, and newer acts Jonny Pelham, Dan Fardell, Stephanie Laing and Larry Dean.

Time’s up – it’s nearly 7pm! Have fun!

Kerry xx

PS. I’m bound to have forgotten people – sorry, have great shows and see you soon. Do let me know who you’ve loved the most: you can find me on Facebook or Twitter @kerryherbert007.


Registration for Brighton Fringe is now open!

Brighton FringeThis year’s Brighton Fringe runs from the 1-31 May 2015 and registration is now open. Early Bird rates finish on 15th December 2014 so it’s time to arrange your venue, dates, time, show title, ticket price and short blurb.

Registration fees:


The Brighton Fringe Participants Services can offer great advice when starting out – email them here:

“What Kerry Herbert doesn’t know about how to turn ticket sales round and sell out local comedy clubs just isn’t worth knowing.”  Jill Edwards, Promoter and Comedy Coach

About Kerry Herbert at Stand-Up Marketing: I am an award-winning Comedy Promoter, with over 15 years’ promotion experience and a long-running monthly comedy night, Charity Chuckle at the Brighton Komedia.  Over the years I’ve booked many top comedians, including Stewart Lee, Al Murray, Sara Pascoe, Lucy Porter, Joe Wilkinson and Hannibal Buress, as well as newer up-and-coming comics such as Nick Helm, Josh Widdicombe and Luisa Omielan. Charity Chuckle is the most successful comedy fundraiser in Sussex. It is often sold out.

Brighton-based, with expert knowledge of the Fringe, Stand-Up Marketing fills a unique gap:

  • the only Independent Comedy Marketing and PR with experience of performing and promoting.
  • the only Marketing and PR business to deal exclusively with comedy and performance.
  • clients may be new or mid-level club performers, without agents or tour promoters – not just the famous or hotly tipped.
  • strategy for one-off marketing projects or a whole run, such as website content and navigation, press releases, posters and flyer design and print management, social media campaigns for Brighton through to Edinburgh.
  • involved with the comedy circuit since 2007, and in Marketing Business for the last 20 years, with the links, networks and expertise to make these advantages YOUR advantages.
  • native to Brighton and Sussex with the local links you’ll need, including the most up-to-date and influential press contacts.
  • links to the broader Scottish and national press.
  • experience of running global big business accounts – because you never know where your Fringe show might take you!

For a professional service, please contact me.

Natwest Venus Awards Winners 2014

WINNER! Venus Awards Best Home Based Business in Brighton & Sussex – Stand-Up Marketing and Charity Chuckle

Venus Award WINNERVenus Award FinalistHome Business_1




On Friday 17th October 2014 I won the Venus Award for Best Home Based Business in Brighton & Sussex for Stand-Up Marketing and Charity Chuckle. Thank you to everyone who voted and to the judges for this recognition. I’m delighted!


“Search Engine Origami”

I went to a business conference in Brighton yesterday. There were people of all ages, some with blue hair, some with purple, one with blonde hair that faded from pale blue to purple. Gorgeous! A bearded man stood up after a lecture in the Dome Corn Exchange, and when his trousers slipped down to reveal his entire be-panted bottom, he paused for a moment, considered, and left the trousers down. We were under strict instructions from the organisers to celebrate the geek, both within and without, so I managed to restrain myself from reaching over and pulling them up for him. I’m a geek and a mother; that was hard!

Yes, it was Brighton, but what could this wonderful business world be that attracted such luminous butterflies and their pants?

SEO. Heard of it? Many of the people outside of the digital bubble haven’t. As I was lunching in the Chilli Pickle (fabulous, thank you – I recommend the ribs with a vegetable curry, roti and chapatti on the side and a beautifully crisp glass of house white. You’re welcome!) a lady next to me asked what my lanyard was. She’d seen a lot of them about. I said SEO – the internet, web content, Google. She looked blank. “Search Engine Origami!” I said. She grinned. “Well I’ve heard of the origami.

Search Engine Optimization is basically making the text, pictures and layout of your website work so that you come up in Google searches. Here’s the Wikipedia entry:

If it sounds complicated, that’s because it kind of is. It talks about VISIBILITY. In comedy terms, that’s your public profile:

  • Have people heard about you?
  • Can they find out about you? Easily?
  • Is what they hear good?
  • Can they see a picture of you?
  • Perhaps a video?
  • Do they know where you’re playing next, and how to get there?
  • Why would they WANT to come and see you?

And if that sounds obvious, that’s also because it kind of is. And that’s where I come in:  complicated and obvious – ta daaa!

Having helped with the London Sketch Festival, I’m now working on shows in the Brighton Fringe and the Edinburgh Festival. It’s advertising and poster time at the moment. Here’s an ad I’m doing for a Charity Chuckle show with Just the Tonic.

Charity Chuckle Ad2 Edinburgh JTT

YOU are your business. Business professionals employ experts: if you want comedy to be your business, it makes sense to employ Stand-Up Marketing to do the tedious and the time-consuming. That way, you can spend more of your time making the show as brilliant as brilliant can be.

What can Stand-Up Marketing do for you?
As a client, the plan is to create a 360˚marketing strategy that will get results, with agreed targets and a budget. From the mundane to the mad, we’ve done it all: filled in endless online listings forms, revised websites to get them up the rankings, made feedback notes on shows, arranged publicity stunts and flashmobs, got comedians into Film Festivals, pulled in radio interviews and bloggers, turned ticket sales around with online ads, designed great flyers that people DIDN’T stick straight in the bin, created press releases with results, garnering great quotes that could be used again and again, such as with Charmian Hughes: “She could be Josie Long’s mum” – Chortle.

Stand-Up Marketing can also manage and produce professional Comedy Events.

And if a comedian drops out, Kerry’s got a mean 5 minutes.

Check the Testimonials in WHY STAND-UP MARKETING?


A big day for Fringes!

Today is Shrove Tuesday, the sun is finally out and Brighton Festival Fringe 2014 has its launch party tonight at the Sealife Centre. Pancakes and stingrays, what could be better?

But I’m not sure what the mood will be amongst Fringe Participants. Many of them will be taking their shows up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Early Bird registration deadline is fast approaching. As the Adelaide and Leicester Comedy Festivals wrap up and the promoters return, the venue allocation for Edinburgh takes on a frantic pace and with four times the applications that there are spaces for shows, not many will get their first choice.

Location and time slot are obviously important, yet so is word of mouth – it’s probably one of the major influences to drive audiences to a relatively unknown show. Examples: Nick Helm’s Keep Hold of the Gold, and last year, John Kearns’ Sight Gags for Perverts. Nick’s show was so good I was recommended to it almost as soon as I arrived in Edinburgh. I ended up seeing it four times in a row. I know people who did more. And John Kearns last year was a big buzz on the grapevine and sure enough when I squeezed into the show the audience was full of the best up-and-coming comedians on the circuit. We had a ball, he won prizes.

So, key to a successful show:

Firstly, it’s got to be great!
Secondly, it’s got to be really really great!
Thirdly, it’s got to be well promoted.

And that’s where I come in. Enjoy your pancakes, don’t panic, and if you’d like some professional help with the marketing then contact me when you’ve got your time and venue sorted. A nicely worded short blurb in the brochure can make the world of difference, and that’s just the beginning.

Kerry x

Why Stand-Up Marketing?

You know when someone says they saw a brilliant show, but there was hardly anyone there? It means that either people didn’t know about the show, hadn’t heard of the act or it hadn’t been effectively marketed. Stand Up Marketing provides the press and marketing expertise to get the word out and turn ticket sales around.


“What Kerry Herbert doesn’t know about how to turn ticket sales round and sell out local comedy clubs just isn’t worth knowing.” Jill Edwards, Promoter and Comedy Coach

“Kerry has become an invaluable asset to our PR from the very start. Honest, insightful and versatile, she found a way to help us that suited us and was fast in doing so. A consummate professional, she is easy to work with, communicative and considerate, helping us to achieve what we both needed and wanted.” Adam Dahrouge, London Sketch Festival
Top Qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

“Kerry has been a fabulous PR person for me on my show. Not only has she done her job well by getting me connected to the right publications, but has been a true support and help by reminding me when I need to do something myself to raise my profile at the best times to do it, and by being totally on my side.  A very personalised service. I thoroughly recommend her.” Fiona-Jane Weston: Loving London

“The PR activities of Kerry Herbert on my behalf gave me a proper audience, got me previewed in all of Brighton’s press and even produced a grim-faced man lurking in the shadows with a pen and paper who lightened up when he got some cake.” Charmian Hughes: Charmageddon

“Stand-Up Marketing (Kerry) has been invaluable in her efforts with promoting my show ’10 Films with My Dad’ (see I snuck it in there, learnt that from her) by producing tailored press releases and contacting venues and events directly. This has led to some brilliant opportunities to perform at events like the East End Film Festival.” Aidan Goatley: 10 Films with My Dad, Edinburgh Fringe 2011 & 2012