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Leicester Comedy Festival 2017 – Recommended

The 2017 Leicester Comedy Festival starts on Wednesday 8th February. It’s a wonderful comedy festival that runs over three weeks, this year from 8th to 26th Feb. It hosts the UK Pun Championships, Silver Stand-Up Award and Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year. There are also awards for Best Show and Best Debut: all are indicators of the ones to watch in the comedy world.

The main difference between Leicester and the Edinburgh Fringe is people tend to do just one or two shows, and the city centre is compact so it’s much easier to get around. However, with so many shows on offer the choice can seem overwhelming.

Stand-Up Marketing has created a spreadsheet to make that choice a little easier, and maybe the getting around and managing costs too (attached below in excel and PDF).

Leicester-2017-recommendations PDF

Recommendations are subjective, selective and not all-inclusive, with some glaring omissions. For example, Seann Walsh: One for the Road, because we don’t even know where Loughborough is, but we hear it’s sporty.  Apologies to those left out. We wanted to pick a top five, we seem to have ended up with a top 100.

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Kerry Herbert was on the Leicester Comedy Awards panel in 2016, seeing around 25 shows in one week – 7 in one day. On one Saturday she saw 5 men take their clothes off and one put them back on. After much discussion and debate between the baker’s dozen of judges, the Best Show Award went to John Gordillo, and the Best Debut went to Dude Looks Like a Lady. They all kept their penises to themselves.

Have fun!